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Office 365: Office Mobile is now available for Droid phones

On Wednesday (8/31/13), Microsoft extended Office Mobile to users with Office 365 subscriptions and Android smartphones.  There is no additional cost to Office 365 subscribers. As with the version for the iPhone, Office Mobile is meant to complement Office on a personal computer so it’s actually “Office light”, allowing Android owners to access, view and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint […]

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Helix Engineering

The New Rip and Flip Tablet/PC From Lenovo is almost here. This Device will give you the best of both worlds! The screen can detach to become a Tablet, or you can dock the tablet in to the keyboard in one of two directions based on what you need to use it for. Ask us […]

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New Windows 8 Products by Lenovo

Lenovo has several new products geared specifically for Windows 8. Which one fits your needs? The Thinkpad 2 – your standard tablet but with Windows 8 Pro, this is one of the few Tablets that will allow you the benefits of an always connected device but also allows you to install desktop applications. Ideapad Lynx […]

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Windows 8 Everywhere

With the announcement of Windows 8 coming out later this year, Microsoft has been making some major changes to the way we will look at computers and how all of our devices are able to interact with each other. One such device that is is starting gain attention is Windows Phone 7. You may have […]

Lenovo 2012 Lineup

Lenovo is starting out the new year with a bang. It is a new year and that means it is time for a lineup refresh from Lenovo. Is your business in need of new computers or laptops but not looking to pay big bucks for current high end computer? Well Lenovo has just released a […]