Hawk iFAXHAWK iFAX is a convenient, easy-to-use, low-cost service that allows your employees to send and receive FAX transmissions from the office, from home, or from their smart phone.

Facsimile (FAX), in its simplest form, is simply the transmission of an image. Alexander Bain developed the idea that resulted in a patent on May 27, 1843. While the quality was quite poor in 1843, it is dramatically improved during the past 175 years. It was thought to be at dead-end technology as email and other systems were introduced in the 1990’s, but FAX continues to have a place of significant importance in many industries today, most notably healthcare. The point is: as much as we may want to sunset our FAX machines, we are still very much dependent on facsimile transmissions.

The traditional FAX service requires a device that scans an image, connects through a public switched communications network to another device that can print the image. There are numerous devices that can handle this today, but the ritual is to insert a printed image into a machine, make a telephone call, hope that the recipient answers the call and recognizes the signals to produce an identical image (facsimile) at the receiving location. Any number of steps can go wrong, preventing the delivery of the document to the intended recipient.

There are technologies that can perform this function better (such as email and mobile phone applications), but some organizations find it easier to conduct business via FAX or may have legal constraints that require use of FAX technology. HAWK iFAX can leverage existing infrastructure, increase efficiency, boost productivity, and improve your business processes for organizations that depend on the use of FAX technology.

When you sign up with our fax services, here are some of the substantial benefits:

  • Leverage existing infrastructure – your existing front-office, back-office, and messaging applications can interface to HAWK iFAX to deliver consistent, professional appearance. As the easiest method to create and transmit a document is to use your existing OUTLOOK application, any email user can send and receive faxes.
  • Reduce printer/fax costs – because an actual FAX machine is no longer required, the cost of the FAX equipment, as well as toner or ink costs, are also eliminated. The labor costs of leaving a station to scan a document, connect to a phone, and ensure that the FAX delivery was successful may be a 10 minute process. Depending on the number of faxes sent or received, that simple 10-minute exercise can cost $20.00 for as few as 6 outbound faxes. Finally, the cost of a FAX line (or multiple FAX lines) to your office is eliminated.
  • Improve your business processes – HAWK iFAX enables any user with an email account to send a FAX. The user can simply type a message as a FAX, can attach a file (PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, etc.) as a fax, or can send a single message to multiple FAX or email accounts from a single message. The recipient’s FAX numbers can be stored as a contact, making the dialing process reliably accurate. Inbound messages can be sent to a single person, or it can be sent to multiple people. When you use OUTLOOK/Office 365, the sender or the receiver can receive FAXES irrespective of their presence in the office, at home, at a customer location, or travelling in “road warrior” mode utilizing their smart phone.

This service is based on the quantity of sending phone numbers for outbound transmissions and the number of pages transmitted and received each month. At a rate of “pennies” per FAX, there is simply no reason to utilize an expensive on premise solution.

Call us today if you want to automate faxing, making it electronic, simple, and secure.