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Hawk iSolutions testimonials These quotations are from actual Hawk iSolutions Group customers:

"When we call with problems, immediate service is provided...Thanks Hawk iSolutions Group!"
- Steve Perini, Office Manager, Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist


"Hawk iSolutions Group is best known for their availability and friendly service. They have provided immediate answers by phone or same day on-site service, if needed."
- Pat Vincent, Administrative Assistant, Lemay Fire Protection District


"This year when it became evident that closer communication between Hawk iSolutions Group and Miriam would greatly improve our Technology Program, you responded quickly and prepared specific recommendations based on a thoughtful assessment of our needs."
- Joan Holland, Principal, Miriam School


"We were happy with Hawk iSolutions Group because we were changing and updating our system while incorporating new users and they made the transition easy. Prices were agreed upon in advance and adhered to."
- Michael Robinson, Executive Director, Miriam Foundation


"HiSG always gives me a fast response when I call."
- Debbie Penn, Dr. Popp and Dr. Veronikis


"We completely trust HiSG's knowledge, judgment, and regard for the mission of our foundation and school. This level of trust is not easy to establish, and I am continually grateful for our relationship with HiSG. We have enjoyed a long and productive relationship with HiSG and I look forward to continuing to work with them far into the future. HiSG is incredibly responsive to our needs, and I always know that they will find a solution to any problem we encounter. For example, we were getting massive amounts of spam and we really appreciate HiSG's help with this situation. Their solution has worked out very well for our group."
- Joan Holland, The Miriam School


Hawk iSolutions testimonials"I think the biggest benefit to hiring HiSG is that there is peace of mind that someone else can fix our computer problems and make us aware of how to protect our network. Before hiring HiSG, we used random people to fix our issues, now we have begun to build a relationship that they are aware of our network setup so that our problems can be handled in a more rapid way. I like the speed of the response time for service calls that we receive from HiSG. I also like the extra effort to make sure that all our problems are taken care of. For example, one of our computers had some viruses and I was extremely happy with the way the situation was handled. HiSG made us aware of some tools on the Internet that will help us prevent those occurrences from happening again."
- Tim Wiemann, Kenrick's Meat Market & Catering


"I like HiSG services because they are easy access and are quick to respond. Since hiring HiSG, all of our hardware and software problems belong to them."
- Vickie Etzkorn, Dr. Etzkorn


"HiSG is so easy to work with, I am able to tell them my plans and goals and in turn they take the ball and go with it to accomplish them. They are super accessible and they get the job done. The biggest benefit to hiring HiSG is that I know I no longer have to worry about the computer needs of my company, I have 100% confidence in HiSG. It is like having our own IT staff...a lot of small business owners are out there sweating this stuff and HiSG is able to take care of those problems at an affordable cost."
- Susan Berberich, www.pottytrainingsolutions.com


"Having a local group to work with like HiSG is huge. We used a computer company that was out of town and had to handle everything over the phone. HiSG handles our problems in a timely manner and they are always accessible with a personal and friendly touch."
- Mike Sicard, Toy Tyme


Hawk iSolutions testimonials"Hawk iSolutions has been totally reliable and we depend on them for almost all of our technology needs. We love working with HiSG and trust them explicitly. No task has ever been too large or too small. HiSG has helped The Miriam Foundation and School to manage its technology needs so that we don't feel like we have to even worry about anything that may rise. With the help of HiSG we have been able to keep up-to-date on all of our licensing, computer, network, and software needs. We do not have to worry about any aspect of our technology needs because we know that they will take care of them. We are completely spoiled with the level of service they provide. We recommend HiSG's services to anyone without hesitation!"
- Jane Colt, The Miriam School


"HiSG has friendly service, reasonably price solutions, perseverance in troubleshooting, and explanations of issues that are geared to the non-technical person. With their help we have installed VPNS which allow me to work from home."
- Anonymous


"When our server was starting to fail, HiSG went above and beyond to ensure we didn't experience a system failure. We like the quick response to our calls; timely responses are critical for us, and that has always been a consistent part of the service that HiSG provides. Since hiring HiSG they have been upgrading our system and providing cost efficient and effective solutions. Whenever the opportunity arises I recommend colleagues to consider HiSG's services too."
- Mark Freeland, Southern Illinois Regional Wellness Center


"Here at CDBG we really appreciate the promptness with which problems are handled. We never have to worry about the quality of service; because of the knowledgability of the technicians at HiSG."
- Ellen Douglas, CDBG Operations Corporations


"We are one of the nation's largest providers of online real estate education and out IT infrastructure is our lifeblood.  We recently experienced some major email and network failures and Hawki swooped in to the rescue.  After seeing them fix several IT issues, we decided it was time to contract them as our exclusive IT service provider.  We have been smooth sailing ever since.  Our only regret is that we don't get to seem them much anymore now that things never break."
-Jeff Reynolds, American School of Real Estate Express, LLC