“Mobile VPN” for VISTA users seeking secure connections via WatchGuard

New Product, New Name; Now VISTA-Compatible

WatchGuard has announced the immediate availability of a successor to their Mobile User VPN client, WatchGuard Mobile VPN with IPSec. This new VPN client includes new features and compatibility with Microsoft Windows Vista, and is also compatible with existing Firebox X Edge, Core, and Peak models, as well as Firebox SOHO 6 and Firebox III models. No upgrade to your Firebox appliance software is needed.
Operating System Compatibility: The new client is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows Vista (32 and 64 bit), Windows XP (32 bit only), and Windows 2000.
Firebox Compatibility: The new client is configured in exactly the same way as the previous Mobile User VPN (MUVPN) client, so no changes are required on your Firebox to begin using the new client. You also do not need to hand out new configuration profiles (commonly known by their file extension,.wgx) to your users. Only the Mobile VPN client software (and the name) have changed. Please note that this client is designed to connect only to WatchGuard devices.
New Name: The official name of the new product is WatchGuard Mobile VPN with IPSec. We changed the name to streamline our product naming conventions for all remote access methods. In future releases of firmware for the Edge, Core and Peak, you will find all remote access grouped under the heading, “WatchGuard Mobile VPN.”
All Users of Microsoft Windows Vista: If you wish to connect remote users to your Firebox-protected network, and your remote users are running any version of Vista, you will need to download, distribute, and have your Vista users install the new Mobile VPN with IPSec package.
If I don’t use Vista, do I still need to upgrade? Short answer: no. If you do not use Microsoft Windows Vista, and are currently using the MUVPN product that we are replacing, you are not forced to upgrade to WatchGuard Mobile VPN with IPSec. We will continue to provide first-level technical support on the previous product. However, if you encounter technical problems with the SafeNet-based MUVPN that we cannot readily resolve, you may be asked to upgrade to Mobile VPN with IPSec, for which we will provide full support. You may also allow some users to run the previous MUVPN and others to run new Mobile VPN client software, simultaneously, with no changes needed on your Firebox.

To acquire a copy, contact Hawk iSolutions Group, Inc. at (314)727-1174.