“More for less” in tough economic times

It’s no secret that economic indicators point to a possible US recession in 2008. Financial markets have recently declined, driving key stock indexes to their lowest levels in more than a year. In an economic downturn, some businesses are more vulnerable to recession than others. When times get tough, people tend to tighten their belts and look for ways to fix or cut expenses and increase revenue. There are a variety of ways that businesses can leverage and better manage their IT assets to accomplish both.

As organizations look for ways to maintain productivity while fixing costs, IT Automation is one of the first areas a business should consider. Using a “managed” approach to IT service delivery leads to exploration of innovative and more cost efficient options such as remote systems management, fixed price service agreements, and higher service levels with fewer resources.

Surviving any economic decline also requires maintaining the core lifeline of the business by ensuring pro-active IT management, security, IT governance, regulatory compliance, data protection, timely customer migration and the implementation of best practices.

The Managed Service model is the ideal solution for business of all sizes to meet their budget conscious objectives, allowing businesses to focus on their business; increasing revenue, decrease staffing requirements and maintain existing equipment. An unforseen benefit is that company employess experience higher levels of support and less frustration when support is provided by experienced professionals.

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