Lenovo 2012 Lineup

Lenovo is starting out the new year with a bang. It is a new year and that means it is time for a lineup refresh from Lenovo. Is your business in need of new computers or laptops but not looking to pay big bucks for current high end computer?

Well Lenovo has just released a product you may be interested in, the B – series. This new line from Lenovo has all the basics that you know and love about Lenovo including but not limited to: Lenovo Enhanced Experience 2.0 with rapid boost, Think Vantage Suite, OneKey Rescue System, and many more. This line up will give your business the most bang for the buck with out compromising your experience.

Do you need something that requires more portability? Then you may be interested in the ThinkPad T-series This is the no compromise laptop that will give you the ultra portable weight as well as the 14″ or 15″ screen. You do not have to settle for a 10 lb laptop just to get that slightly bigger screen or sacrifice the DVD drive either. This is Lenovo’s thin and light machine that is built to withstand anything you can throw at it.

Maybe you are looking for the ultra portable, high performance, and longer battery life laptop. You may say well that is not possible to have that in one computer, but yes you can have all of it. With the ThinkPad X1 Hybrid, this super light laptop weighs in at just 3.7 lbs. and can get you up to 5 hours of battery life. The bigger kick is that the battery can get an 80% charge in right around 30 minutes so you will not be stuck working next to an outlet for hours until you get a decent battery charge. This is one of the few laptops that can come with a hybrid drive where you get the performance of an Solid State Drive and the storage capacity of a standard drive. This is the ultimate laptop and built for those who travel.

Those were just a few of the laptops that we will start seeing here in the next few months, but Lenovo does more than just laptops, they also have some great desktop products as well.

One desktop product that would find a great home in conference rooms or desks with room for bigger towers is the IdeaCentre Q180. This is the world’s smallest full functioning desktop. Powered with the latest Atom Dual Core Processor it can handle and PowerPoint presentation you can toss it way, all while using up very little energy. If you need a DVD player, you can also snap on the Blu-Ray drive accessory.

Need something a little bit bigger than the Q180, there there is also the ThinkCentre Edge 91z. This All-in-one device gives you a full computer and monitor in on single stand alone device. You will be able to see everything on the screen with the 21.5″ Full-HD LED display. Not only can you see everything, but you will also get a computer that can boot in under 15 seconds.


With these new products there are many new possibilities available for you to help your business become more effective. Call Hawkisg  to see if we can find a solution that works for you.

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